Old News


September: Great to have Naoki Tada starting his Part II in the group!

September: Welcome to the second postdoc of our group, Dr Nicolas Busatto! We’re so excited to be working with you.

June: Well done to Idil for passing her DPhil viva! Woo!

June: Big congratulations to Rachel for submitting her Part II thesis, we’ll miss you!

May: Idil has posted a preprint of her DPhil work on BioRxiv, A lipid-based parallel processor for chemical signals!

March: Congratulations to Khoa, who has won an Oxford Chemistry Prize for Excellence in Organic Chemistry following his Transfer of Status to DPhil examination!

March: We have been awarded an EPSRC New Investigator Award to carry out some new research into DNA-polymer conjugates!

January: Welcome to our new rotation student Jose Cabezas-Caballero, from the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP.


November: We’re excited to welcome Rachel Sage to the group for her Part II!

October: Mike was recently interviewed by Elsevier Connect, 5 years after receiving a Scopus Early Career Research Award.

October: Good luck to Alaa and Mia for their DPhil’s in the Fodor and Brennan groups, respectively.

July: Our review, Controlling gene expression with light: a multidisciplinary endeavour, is out in Biochemical Society Transactions!

March: Florence’s DPhil work, Multi-responsive hydrogel structures from patterned droplet networks, has finally been published in Nature Chemistry! There is also a behind the paper blog post and news & views article about the paper.

February: We welcome another DPhil rotation student, Mia Callens, undertaking a Synthesis for Biology and Medicine rotation project joint with the groups of Matthew Langton and Tom Brown.

January: Welcome to Alaa Baazaoui, who is undertaking her Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP rotation project in the group.

January: Idil has written a behind the paper blog post about our Communications Chemistry paper.


December: New Paper! Mike and Idil’s work “Controlled deprotection and release of a small molecule from a compartmented synthetic tissue module” has been published in Communications Chemistry!

December: Mike was awarded the Biochemical Society Early Career Research Award in Biotechnology at Synthetic Biology UK 2019.

October: Welcome to our first ever Part II in the group, Guige Ben Zhang.

October: Really excited that both Denis and Khoa are staying in the group to undertake their substantive DPhil projects.

July: We’re happy to welcome Khoa Chung to the group, who is doing a DPhil rotation project from the SynBio DTC.

June: Very excited to welcome our first Postdoc to the group, Dr Assala Al Samad.

May: Welcome to Denis Hartmann, undertaking a Synthesis for Biology and Medicine DPhil rotation project in the group.

May: Razia has won the People’s Choice Award in the Three Minute Thesis Competition

April: Merton College has elected Michael as a Supernumerary Fellow

February: Well done to Razia for being selected as a Junior Dean at St John’s College


December: Huge congratulations to Florence for passing her DPhil viva!

November: Well done to Idil for completing her transfer of status

October: We’re excited that, following his rotation, Jefferson has started his DPhil in the group

October: Congratulations to Florence for submitting her DPhil thesis!

October: Welcome to Giacomo Mazzotti, a new DPhil in our group

September: We had an excellent joint retreat with the Bayley Group in Lisbon, Portugal

August: Welcome to Jefferson Smith, undertaking his second DPhil rotation project from the SynBio DTC in our group

August: Welcome to our new DPhil student Razia Chowdhry, from the Bioscience DTP