The broad goal of our research is the synthesis and application of controllable nucleic acids and synthetic cells for biology and medicine

We are an interdisciplinary research group utilising techniques from organic/inorganic synthesis, chemical biology, biochemistry, synthetic biology, and molecular and cellular biology.



  • June: Welcome to Modinat Tijani as an undergraduate summer student from the Black in Cancer Mentorship Programme
  • June: Naoki has submitted his Part II thesis, well done! Good luck for the future
  • April: Congratulations to Jeff for a successful DPhil viva!
  • April: It’s great to welcome Ellen Parkes to the group as a PhD student from the Oxford Inorganic Chemistry for Future Manufacturing Centre for Doctoral Training!
  • March: Assala and Mike collaborated with the Di Michele group (Imperial) to produce ‘Reaction-diffusion patterning of DNA-based artificial cells‘, which has been posted on bioRxiv
  • March: Mike gave a talk about the group’s research as part of the SynBio Young Scientist Seminar series: Video
  • March: Mike has started as a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology at the Department of Chemistry, University College London.
  • January: We’re excited to welcome Disha Kashyap to our group from the Chemistry in Cells PhD programme!
  • January: Jeff and Razia’s review titled ‘Controlling Synthetic Cell-Cell Communication’ has been published in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences!


  • Mike will be starting a Lecturership at UCL Chemistry in 2022!

Old News

University College London

Christopher Ingold Building
Department of Chemistry
University College London
20 Gordon Street

Directions and Maps

In addition, part of our group is still based within the Chemistry Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford – Directions and Maps