Giacomo Mazzotti

Giacomo Mazzotti

DPhil Student


Giacomo received his undergraduate degree at the University of Bologna, Italy. During his undergraduate studies, he focused on the synthesis of different peptides and their coupling to core-shell silica-PEG nanoparticles, for the targeting of αVβintegrins, over-expressed by several cancer cell lines. He then undertook a MSc at the University of Hawaii, USA, working on understanding the mechanism of α-carbon to sulfur crosslink formation, mediated by the radical S-adenosylmethionine enzymes TrnC and TrnD, proteins involved in the post-translational modification of the bacteriocin thuricin CD, and on developing the in vivo production and purification of this natural product. He is now pursuing his DPhil in Chemical Biology at the University of Oxford.

Research Interests

Giacomo is working on the incorporation of externally controllable functionalities into nucleic acids and nanotechnologies.