Denis Hartmann

Denis Hartmann

DPhil Student

ORCID: 0000-0002-7091-9536


Originally from Vorarlberg, Austria, Denis graduated with a First Class Honours MChem degree from the University of Oxford, St. Anne’s College. During his Part II year, he worked in with Prof. Jonathan Burton on the synthesis of stereodefined tetrasubstituted alkenes. Previously, Denis did a 2-month summer project at LMU Munich in the Lotsch group, working on moisture-responsive Bragg-reflectors. He is now part of the Synthesis for Biology and Medicine Centre for Doctoral Training (SBM CDT). As part of this, he undertook 2 research projects, working with Prof. Harry Anderson and Dr. Michael Booth. His substantial DPhil project will be working with Dr. Booth to develop new ways to chemically modify phosphorothioates for increased control and delivery. Besides the lab, Denis has a passion for cooking and baking, exploring the cuisines of the world. He also enjoys playing the bassoon, video games, languages, arts and literature.

Research Interests

Denis is developing stimuli-responsive chemical modifications of the phosphorothioate backbone.